“Dyvogra” it’s a Ukrainian company that creates products for inclusive education, psychotherapy, speech therapy and children’s development. Our company is succed in publishing books, therapeutic games, cards and posters that provide children’s development. Also we invent toys, including for children with special needs. Our editions are presented in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Our products

  • books with pictograms help children with  autism spectrum disorder and peculiarities of mental development to improve their communication skills;
  • cards sets for psychologists and speech therapists sessions: sets “Feelings. Emotions”, therapeutic metaphoric cards for young people and adult clients psychotherapy “Archetypes. Teenagers”
  • developing coloring posters A1 size: the brightest moments of childhood, exciting stories – adventures on vacation, in a magical school, on an unusual planet or in the palace of a little princess – all these and much more  you will find in our “A huge coloring for little kids”
  • Doll-gloves Puppets for speech therapy and children psychotherapy

We have favorable terms of cooperation for bookstores and networks, educational institutions and professional associations in Ukraine and abroad.

Our history and purpose 

The history of “Dyvogra” publishing house began in 2015 with publication of a series of developing coloring posters “A huge coloring for little kids”. Currently coloring posters are presented in more than eight different plots and discover the brightest moments of childhood. But the main focus our team has chosen is the creation of literature, games and toys for children with peculiarities of mental development. Our specialists are psychologists, and we know from our own practice how helpful a book or game for a child’s development can be.

In 2016 the publishing house “DyvoGra” was proud to represent the fairy tale “White Snow” – the first book with pictograms in Ukrainian. Such editions are intended for speech development  as well as for reading training children with an autism spectrum disorder, a violation of  text perception and other features that prevent children learn how to read conventional books. This book is a translation from Italian, developed by the Uovonero publishing house, namely the specialist Enza Crivelly, who has been working with children with an autism spectrum disorder in Italy for over 20 years.

Белоснежка книга с пиктограммами

The founder of “Dyvogra” publishing house Hanna Usatenko  traveled  a lot though Ukraine to introduce books to  parents who have children with special needs, booksellers, librarians, as well as colleagues in educational sphere and psychologists with the opportunities, which reading books with pictograms provide.

  • On wholesale purchases of our products and partner publishings, cooperation with educational institutions and professional communities – – contact us +38 093 792 6232  e-mail: dyvogra@gmail.com, sales manager Svitlana
  • On retail purchaises of our products and partner publishings – contact us +38 067 135 71 66 e-mail: info@dyvo.toys, sales manager Oksana
  • On collaboration with authors and purchaisin rights – contact us +38 093 724 0621 e-mail:  hanna.usatenko@dyvogra.com Anna Usatenko