“Snow White” – the first children book with PCS symbols in Ukrainian

Snow White
книга Білосніжка

is the first illustrated children book in Ukrainian, that includes PCS* (picture communicational symbols) to explain young readers the meaning of each word.

A timeless classic of children’s literature in a new form of communication, suitable for all: the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, translated into the PCS symbol system (Picture Communication Symbols)*.
The pages, cardboard, have a special and unique shaping which makes the book easy to browse for anyone, specially studied  for the book series talking fish   by Uovonero Publishing, Italy. The book is made with resistant materials, to last longer, particularly in contexts such as libraries, schools or rehabilitative services , which is subject to a more intense use.

Re-publishing of the book  ofUovonero www.uovonero.com, this fairy tail is a valuable help in learning how to read for small children and those who have some difficulties in understanding of a written text.

The book is printed on a special tough cardboard and has a unique form  of pages   , created by Uovonero team. Young readers are entitled to books easy to use, they are resistant, robust, they can be easily opened without effort. But a book with these features could make it particularly difficult the task of turning the pages one at a time.

Very simple text of the tail makes it clear for  the smallest readers and also for  children with special needs or reading and learning disabilities.

This Snow White adaptation of the text originally is  the result of the work Enza Crivelli, clinical educator, responsible for autism of the detached center of neuropsychiatry “the Root” ANFFAS of Crema, Italy,  which was responsible for the adaptation of the text, even the PCS version, and Tommaso D’Incalci who created the illustrations, to which are entrusted the suggestions of this timeless tale.
The book is recommended for children aged 4 years and older.

Pimarly this book and others of the Series Talking Fish were devepoled for children with autizm. Nowadays the books are widely used as a practical tool to help small children to learn to read. Also we recommend it for children with reading disabilities,  and for those who study Ukrainian as a foreign  language.

ISBN 978-96-697-5286-4. Book size: 22 x 22 sm.

Flap samples:

Белоснежка книга с пиктограммами Biancaneve_26-27

What is special about this book:

  • very simple clauses,
  • onle one phrase on a line,
  • clear text, written with big capital letters,
  •  PCS* symbols  that  explain the meaning of the words,
  • high quality of illustrations,
  • special page form –  sfogliafacile® by Uovonero for sequential reading,
  • tough cardboard pages for long term use,
  • suggestions for teachers and parents – how to help children learn to read.
  • That’s why the format was born sfogliafacile : because even the youngest readers, or those with some difficulty in fine motor, can easily through the book from start to finish, without skipping the parties. Without running the risk that the wolf burn in the fireplace even before the three little pigs have built the brick house.The particular shape of the pages has been studied by uovonero and thoroughly tested, along with others, at the Polo neuropsychiatry The tuber – Anffas of Crema. To choose this among many were the children with their reading pleasure.

Сфоглиафасиль sfogliafacile2016-08-29_173239

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talking fish is a series of classic and original for children, designed for children with autism but also suitable for pre-school children, or who have difficulty reading. Books resistant, easy to use and browse, differentiated by age groups and accompanied by beautiful illustrations. The texts adopted augmentative and alternative communication techniques also used in rehabilitation for easy reading.
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The Picture Communication Symbols ©1981–2015 by Mayer-Johnson LLC. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Used with permission.
@ 2014 uovonero – text in PSC by Enza Crivelly
@ sfogliafacile R by Uovonero editizioni

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