Hi, my name is Hanna, I`m psychologist, social activist. I run a social enterprise DyvoGra.

This is a team or 6 professionals and volunteers. Since 2015 we do solutions for speech and communication. Our mission is to help people with speech impairments gain autonomy and stay connected with others with alternative and augmentative communication AAC).

We advocate for people with autism and speech disabilities. We also do a research about the impact of assistive technologies to a group interaction and communication skills of AAC users in Ukraine.

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hanna usatenko

As a business owner, I`m responsible for keeping DyvoGra mission and main objectives and results, an advocacy and social partnership with different institutions in fields of inclusion and protection of rights of people with disabilities.

Since 2005 I“`ve been working in business and education, since 2002  –  at an NGO sector. I`ve got an experience to be a trainer and a consultant for local communities, government and international institutions: Caritas, UNO projects at the East of Ukraine, Huawei Ukraine, Halom, the Ministery of Education of Ukraine etc.

I keep an approach of serving leadership. I believe in people and unlimited horizons for realization of human potential via communication

Hanna Usatenko, DyvoGra leader

What we do

DyvoGra team and partners“ve been bringing the culture of assistive technologies in Ukraine since 2015. As a social enterprise we do a lot for free to educate doctors, teachers, social workers, relatives to implement alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) for people with disabilities in their communities. This diminishes the stigma, been put on non verbal people with autism, cerebral palsey, aphasia etc. and opens opportunities for a real social integration.

In 2018 we had a project for migrants in Ukraine to help them to lear Ukrainian and adapt in this country.

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DyvoGra was awarded twice for a social impact. In 2020 with The Partnership for Sustainability Prize. We did a free online course in AAC. In 2021 Hanna has got a Gran-pri for meaningful products at the national competition of businessmen.

Together with partners in civil sector we work on a strategy of development of assistive technologies for communication on a national level.


We are open for cooperation in a field of assistive technologies for communication. DyvoGra owes a collection of symbols that could be adapted to many languages. We also work on digital solutions for asssisted communication.

Please contact us partnership@dyvogra.com

More about DyvoGra

Donate to AAC projects for war victims in Ukraine 2022