DyvoGra team condemns Russian invasion and thousands of deaths caused by the war in Ukraine, started by a totalitarian regime of the Russian Federation.

The struggle of the Ukrainian nation for independence lasts for more then a thousand years. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, was the center of Slavic civilazation and developed in the mainstream of Europen traditions. Through centuries Ukraine was often threatened by Russia, first by nomad tribes and then by totalitarian regimes from that territory.

In 2014 the Russian regime headed by Vladimir Putin started the first episode of war, occupied Crimea and Easten regions of the country. After 8 years of an occupation, at 4 am on the 24th of February 2022 our children woke up from the whistling of rockets and sounds of explosions. This war is the true genocide against Ukrainian nation and a direct threat to democracy and human rights all over the world. People of many nationalities suffer and die in Ukraine these days. Russian bombing ruins cities and people`s lives, whatever language they speak… This must be qualified as a genocide by international institutions. Ukrainian government has been collecting evidences and proofs of that to be presented in international courts.

What we state for

We state that we are not going to sell any products to Russian federation enterprises and RF citizens. We support Ukrainian army, volunteer and do free materials for people with speech impairments to help them stay safe and communicate efficiently for their survival.

We use DyvoGra collection of symbols for alternative and augmentative communication to tell Ukrainian people with disabilities and friends all over the world how to stay safe, overcome war trauma and stay connected with alternative means of communication.

Please find free materials below

International support

Thanks to the Ukrainian diaspora and art community in Chicago, Il, USA and International Renaissance Foundation we managed to work out several posters and methodic instructions to war. More about this international project

How to help

Please support DyvoGra free products for war victims and refugees with speech impairmanets.

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Please feel free to contact us for any partnership and joint efforts to use assistive technologies to help people with speech and communication problems during the war and to support refugees with speech disabilities.


Hanna, psychologist, DyvoGra leader

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