DyvoGra has a long lasting social partnership with Prof. Jennifer Hereth, an artist, educator, social entrepreneur for Chicago, Il, USA. A social project, a deck “Teenage. Archetype” Therapy Cards was translated by Hanna Usatenko in 2017. A card deck was created by a team of more than 50 artists, students of College of Dupage, Il, USA and aims to support adolescents self-awareness and positive self-esteem. Hanna represented a deck in Eastern Europe and published it bilingual.

This is a practical tool for therapy and social work with teenagers and young people to help them to understand themselves better. A deck represents 88 behavior models, familiar to young people. These are well known archetypes as Mother, Priest, Princess and up-to-date Rock Star, Athlet or Dude. Cards are supposed to provoke a dialog with a client to help identify life strategies and broaden behavior choices for self actualization.

The main task was to translate the essence of each archetype, modern words and ancient symbols from the English language without any loss of meaning. Prof. Hereth and Mrs. Usatenko devoted tens of hours to eliberate right sense of each archetype. Now decks are available in Europe and USA.

500 bilingual decks were sold in Eastern Europe, hundreds of decks are in usage in USA education and social institutions. The deck was translated into Chinese and Russian. We plan to make it an online multilingual tool for art therapy and self awareness.

Cultural Exchange

In 2018-2019 Jennifer and Hanna visited their countries with the support of the College of Dupage, Il, USA. Prof. Hereth and therapist Katelyn Aducci held a workshop for art-therapy and cards usage for Ukrainian art therapists and mental health professionals in Kyiv in 2018.

In 2019 Hanna went to Chicago, USA and presented Ukrainian art-therapy practice to College of Dupage students. She also met with Ukrainian Women Diaspora Club and provided a workshop in resilience and self-awareness with the help of Teenage Archetype Deck.

Mental health through art

Since the start of cooperation both social entrepreneurs have been promoting mental health support for adolescents through art and therapy.

Hanna held tens of workshops in Ukraine to represent a deck and a perspective it creates for clients and professionals in different regions of Ukraine for small and large groups and for a broader audience online.

Prof. Hereth helds exhibitions and presented the deck at national and international event in arts and therapy. She also created some education videos about how to use the deck in mental health counseling.

Social mission

DyvoGra mission as a social enterprise is to advocate for assistive technologies for communication. Income from selling cards is input towards making free materials for alternative and augmentative communication and for assistance to families with disabled children during the Russian war in Ukraine 2014-2022.

Prof.Hereth supports non privileged teenagers in Denver and helped black girls from minor groups to attend a flying school and to be trained as pilots.

Social partnership helps both to work with synergy for mental health of youth in USA and Ukraine.

Online education

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we`ve made several webinars to share how cards could help with self-definition and support mental health in pandemic. Please watch an interview about the project with Hanna Usatenko and prof. Jennifer Hereth held in 2021.

And a learning video of prof.Hereth about counseling tips when using Teenage.Archetype deck for therapy or social work. The value of cards is that they help young people not to get stuck into negative roles and experineces, but to struggle for better lives and peace with themselves accepting different sides of their personality.

Support in war in Ukraine 2022

In 2022 with the escalation of a long-lasting war in Ukraine started by Russian Federation in 2014 prof.Hereth together with arts community and Ukrainian diaspora in Chicago organized events and fundraising to support DyvoGra free products for people with speech and communication impairmants for safety in war.

In May 2022 two artists, Tania Blanco and Jennifer Hereth exhibited their paintings and collages to benefit for Ukraine at the Addison center for the arts, Chicago, Il, USA.

Photos from art benefit for Ukraine with Jennifer Hereth inventor of the Teenage Archetype Carddeck and Tania Blanco Ukrainian American artist.

Over 5000.00 US dollars were raised at benefit Sat. 3000 were sent to US NGO organization for Ukrainian refugees, the United Ukrainian American Refugee Fund and 2000 to DyvoGra projects support.

We really felt the love and admiration people were sending to support Ukrainians. Thanks a lot for your joint efforts to support our social projects to help people with disabilities to cope with the war effects on their lives.

This support allowed to finance 5 posters with pictograms distrubuted online fo free through a platform of assistive tecnologies for communication – AAC Community in Ukraine.

Refugee the cat on a magic flying carpet of Ukrainian Cossacks sold many prints and was a favorite of the press.

Next steps

We really believe that the Teenage. Archetype Deck is a great therapeutic tool. We are searching for funding to make it multilingual and accessible globally online via an app. To support this project of social partnership, please contact the author, prof. Jennifer Hereth at

Support Ukraine

Please visit a national platform to support Ukraine in war