The AAC Community in Ukraine together with the ISAAC-NORWAY, ISAAC International, region 2 (Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway) are fundraising for 8500 EUR for translation review and printing to make it possible for the Ukrainian community to have this textbook published in 2023. Support the campain at the International Society of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Norway page….

What is the necessity? Imagine that you would like to order pizza, but … you are not able to say it. What would you do? People with speech, language and communication impairments or intellectual disabilities are often excluded from participating in social life due to absence of “communication bridges”. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) is an important tool for social participation and inclusion of people with disabilities. Using graphic symbols, manual signs, apps or devices for communication connects people, implements human rights and enhances cohesion.

The war made risks higher for people with communication impairments. Clear communication is about real and experienced safety. See an example from Ukraine, social enterprise DyvoGra produces images for AAC…

Since 2018 the AAC community in Ukraine shares the best practices among people with speech, language and communication disabilities, their families and professionals. But there is still a lack of a comprehensive textbook in Ukranian about an evidence based AAC from A to Z.

“Augmentative and alternative communication for children, adolescents and adults with developmental disorders” is a new textbook (2023) written by professors Stephen von Tetzchner, Harald Martinsen and Kristine Stadskleiv from the University of Oslo, Norway. The textbook is a comprehensive guide to augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) research and practice, with an emphasis on the development and use of AAC in everyday life.

The authors gave permission to the AAC Community Team to translate and publish the textbook in Ukrainian. First published in 1990 and constantly revised, the textbook is a solid base for education in augmentative and alternative communication. The edition based on scientific evidence and years of the best global practice will become a source for training in AAC for Ukrainian parents and professionals. The book will be distributed among specialized non-profit organizations in Ukraine for free and sold by DyvoGra Social Enterprise to support the AAC Community activities. Listen AAC.UA Community members in the video.

Any donation matters!

Support the campain at the International Society of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Norway page… or contact please the president of the norwegian ISAAC chapter Eva Kirkeberg, More abour ISAAC Norway More about the beneficiary, the Ukrainian AAC Community A publisher in Ukraine, DyvoGra social enterprise, AAC symbols producer

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